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COSAS DE CAZA S.L. is a company dedicated to the sale of items and accessories for hunting.

Therefore the company will offer its customers advice on all kinds of products and items related to our sport and hobby.
Usually we all have less time to devote to our hobby and therefore since our company we want to show you all the products of our Armory that you'll can see from your home.
And that through the computer you can access all the products needed for the practice of our hobby, and in a short time you will have your order in your home.

Of course our company is going to have a serious commitment with the clients and we will offer a total security in payment of purchases, as well as ensuring the business, return of defective goods, like error sizes, etcetera.
In summary this shopping store will have to comply with the same rights and obligations as any traditional store. Without more ado and relying on our professionalism are at your disposal, we want this to be the beginning of a good business relationship.

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